Teleclass # 79 Dr. Don Osborne – Thr Probable Future

The Probable Future

You Can Predict it & You Can Change it

  • We all have patterns in the way that we think and the choices that we make
  • There are document-able patterns in the way that your business and your market functions
  • As long as we are unaware of those patterns, our future will not change from its current path
  • If we want greater control of our personal and business destinies, we must recognize the patterns
  • Once we recognize the patterns in our lives and in our organizations, we can select what we want to change.
  • We must, however, understand the impact that any change we make will have. We must ask ourselves, “What will happen next?” and then “What will happen after that?”

Who Should Listen and Why

  • Anyone that is wondering what is going to happen next in their business or in their personal lives, and is willing to be proactive about their future.

Dr. Don Osborne, Think Then Lead

Dr. Don Osborneā€™s life work has been focused on helping others identify their greatest challenges and create strategies to overcome them. People and organizations ususally discover their own potential in the process. Don then supports and guides them to fulfill that potential. This mission is one that developed over 35 years as a counselor, educator, business owner, manager, CEO, researcher, trainer, consultant and author. His research has included the effects of Transformational and Transactional Leadership styles, rapid growth organizations, and the results of too much sales success. The Probable Future: You Can Predict it & You Can Change it is the first book in his Think Then Lead book series. His website is at


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