Teleclass # 78 Lorraine Ball – Business Plan Basics

Business Plan Basics

I am just a small investor. Why do I need a Business Plan?

When you set up on a long trip to an unfamiliar location, you need a map. The same is true for your business. To find the path to success, you need a Business Map often referred to as a Business Plan. Business Plans are not just for large corporations. Every business, from one person show to a multi-million dollar conglomerate, needs to have a plan in place to know where they want to go and how they plan on getting there. Even if the investor knows a plan is important, they may have some questions similar to these:

  • Discover the common mistakes in writing a business plan
  • Overcome your dread of writing a business plan with simple steps
  • Learn the important key points of a business plan
  • Get clarity for writing your plan
  • Gain strategies to develop a successful plan

Lorraine Ball discusses these points and why everyone should have a business plan in place.

To help you get started

From the introduction of Lorraine’s book “Business Map”:

“Often, the road to achieving your goals is a series of small steps. Creating a schedule for these interim steps or milestones will help you track progress toward the overall goal.

Every business faces challenges and obstacles along the Road to Success. A good business plan outlines the possible obstacles, critical risks, and alternative approaches a company can take to achieve its goals.

As you develop your business plan, remember this: It does not matter how simple or complex it is — the process, not the finished product, is what’s most important. Your plan does not have to be perfect. It can be as elaborate as an MBA thesis or as simple as a few double-spaced typed pages. What is important is that you have a plan that demonstrates you took the time to ask and answer tough questions about your business.”

Lorraine is offering a free Business Plan outline by linking to

Who Should Listen

  • Every investor that is just starting out
  • Seasoned investors that have just been winging it
  • Any one thinking about starting any type of business

Lorraine Ball, Principal Member of Roundpeg

An accomplished marketing professional, Lorraine has won regional and national communication awards.  As a published author, her articles on marketing, team building, and business development have been featured in Contracting BusinessThe New York ForumThe ACH&R news, Indianapolis Business Journal, and the Carmel Business Leader.  Her blog, Business Notes from Roundpeg has a loyal following and has been listed among the best business blogs in Indiana
She is the recipient of the 2005 Rainmaker of the year award, 2007 Business Woman of the Year and a finalist in The 2007 Starkey Entrepreneurial Woman Award.  In 2008 she was named to the IBJ list of Most Influential Women in Indianapolis


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