Teleclass # 73 Jason Schubert – A True Game Changer

Make Your Next Property
A True Game Changer!

Eliminate ALL Your Cash Flow Needs On Your Very Next Deal, Using The Exact Same Strategies That Now Produce A Measly $100 A Month Or Less. Same Bullets, New Target. And No Competition! Read On…

It’s time to move up to the next level. Where cash flow is not a problem. Where competition is almost non-existent. Where one or two deals is all you need to be Financially Free. That is the goal, isn’t it?
But to get there, something needs to change. It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

One and Done
Your time is precious. But if I can show you how to cover all of your cash flow needs with one single deal, which can then be duplicated over and over again to build incredible cash flow, would you be willing to donate a couple of hours of your time to hear about it? Would that be worth your time? If so…
Mark your calendar for July 27th at NOON EST, for an information-packed Tele-Class by Commercial Expert Jason Schubert.

No More Excuses

There is a window of opportunity where you can scoop up incredible deals in a market that most of your competition doesn’t even know exits. They’re off chasing houses or apartments, leaving you pretty much alone to scoop up properties that will throw off $10,000…$15,0000…even $20,000 per month easily.
And the good news is that you don’t need money or credit, just knowledge and a willingness to act. Because you can use the exact same creative strategies to claim these deals as you do to grab that house that only spins off $100 or less a month.
How about adding two zeros to that $100 monthly cash flow? Easily. Using the same no money techniques you now use on houses?!

  • Subject To
  • Lease Option
  • Straight Option
  • Master Lease
  • Private Money
  • No Payments or Delayed Payments
  • Etc.

These strategies actually work better on commercial properties than they do on residential. Why? Different Seller’s mindset, that’s why. First, they already understand creative financing. Heck, they probably bought their property that way. Second, there’s a lot less emotion with commercial owners than with residential owners. They didn’t grow up in the property or raise their kids there. They bought it as a business, and if you can solve their problem, the property is yours. No emotions involved.

Jason Schubert, Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Schubert in 5 short years has accomplished what many perceive to be unrealistic. In 2004, Jason was sitting in a cube working 50 hours a week for the computer giant Dell Inc… until one day he got a call that changed his mindset forever. Since then Jason has taken creative financing and marketing to another level. In his first year while still working a full time job, Jason purchased 18 houses with none of his own money using creative strategies such as “subject to” and lease options. Shortly after, Jason left Dell and became a full time real estate investor and quickly created purchasing and selling systems that have created millions. In 5 short years, the results have been astounding… from purchasing 30-50 houses a year using subject to’s and lease options, to rehabbing 3-5 houses a month, a builder, national real estate speaker, entrepreneur, commercial real estate mentor and coach, hotelier and master of buying properties with none of your own money and deal structuring.
Jason is a self made millionaire who created the Rich In Five® Residential and Commercial Mentoring programs and have helped countless students across the country achieve and exceed their financial goals.
Jason has been dedicating the last couple of years to mentoring students from coast to coast with his creative and proven systems. With all of this, Jason still makes it a priority to spend time and enjoy life with his lovely wife Jennifer of 9 years and their 3 beautiful children in Austin, Texas.

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    We are a group of nearly 100 people deep that have lost thousands of dollars each totaling over $3 million dollars from doing business, investing and trusting Jason Schubert with Rich in Five was an honest, ethical business man running a legitimate company. But the truth is, Jason Schubert with Rich in Five is dishonest, untrustworthy and unethical. We are currently sharing all of our stories and business experiences with the FBI, SEC, Texas Attorney General and are putting together a class action lawsuit.

    Beware. Ponzi Scheme.