Teleclass # 71 Charles Dobens – Multi-Family Investing

Multi-Family Investing

Have you always thought that Multi-Family investing was out of reach?

Listen in Friday, August 10th as Charles Dobens, one of the country’s authorities on Multi-Family Investing discusses:

  • How to find multifamily properties before anyone else.
  • Once you find them, what do you do with the lead?
  • Difference between Birddogging and Wholesaling.
  • What do I need to know to be successful?
  • Where can I get more information?

Who Should Listen and Why

  • Anyone interested in Multi-Family investing
  • Any Investor wishing to well rounded in their knowledge

Charles T. Dobens

Dobens Law – The Multifamily Law Firm
Principal Attorney

Multifamily Investing Academy, LLC &
Lifetime Apartment Investors

  • Owner/Operator of over 400 apartment units
  • Represented clients and investors in the acquisition of over $100,000,000 of multifamily property
  • Testified as expert witness regarding multifamily acquisitions
  • Manages over $15,000,000 of multifamily property
  • Works with new investors to help them buy property THE RIGHT WAY!

During his college years, Charlie worked as a doorman at a luxury apartment building in Boston. While opening the door to all the rich, old ladies, he would watch the building owner pull up in his white, Rolls Royce Corniche convertible on the first of the month and walk into the office. Eight hours later, the owner would re-appear, walk through the lobby, get back into his car and drive away, not to be seen again for another thirty days.

Charlie knew that working one day a month as the owner of a multifamily property was something that he could do. And probably do really well. Unfortunately, back then, there was no one that was teaching the ins-and-outs of apartment investing.

Over the next several years, Charlie graduated from law school, passed the bar and began several businesses in fields that had nothing to do with multifamily investing. The desire to own apartments, though, never left.

Upon reaching the grand, lifetime achievement of making it to forty years old, Charlie re-evaluated his life and decided that he was going to finally start buying apartments. Over the next seven years, he acquired over $20MM worth of property such as:

  • An entire city street of apartments using a master lease/option arrangement,
  • A class-A apartment complex that runs every month with an occupancy of between 96-100%,
  • A community of multifamily units made up of all different types of units, from Section 8, class-C units to luxury class-A apartment homes,
  • A complex of government-assist rental units with guaranteed income every month,
  • And everything from class-D to class-A, pitched roofs, flat roofs, master-metered, sub-metered, war zones, bucolic country settings and everything in between.


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  • Árni Björn Guðj+onsson

    Dear SIR/madam

    I‘m planning to build a large tourist
    center in Iceland. I need investors to help me financing the project.

    Can you help me?

    Name of the project is Aqua islandia and Eden garden. I can
    send business plan.


    Árni Björn Gudjonsson tel 003545575108  Iceland

  • Glenn Lehman

    Thanks for time you shared with us in this presentation.  I enjoyed the topic.  I appreciate your emphasis on the you cannot get rich quick in this process. I have been to a few intro courses where it seems the entire class is about why you should give the instructor more money to teach you so you can get rich like them.

    The information was helpful and I would recommend people who have not spent the 45 minutes listening to your presentation do that.