Teleclass # 70 Todd Curry – Why Landlords Should Require Renter’s Insurance

Why Landlords Should Require Renter’s Insurance

Simple reasons landlords should require their tenants to carry renter’s insurance

As a landlord, you are concerned about maximizing your return on your investment.  If you’re not requiring your tenants to maintain renter’s insurance, you are putting yourself (and your tenants) at risk.  Have you considered making this mandatory in your leases? Are you concerned about the implications?

Todd Curry will discuss the pros and cons of requiring tenants to maintain renter’s insurance while leasing your property.

  • Won’t this cause me to narrow the tenant pool?
  • What happens when one of my tenants doesn’t have insurance?
  • What are some of the hidden benefits provided by renter’s insurance?
  • How can a partnership with an insurance agent benefit me?
  • How can requiring insurance make my properties more desirable?

Todd Curry shares these points and more in order to help you become more informed about the options you have as a landlord.  By implementing Todd’s tips, you may be able to make your properties more attractive to tenants and improve the value of your properties at no cost to you!

Who Should Listen and Why

  • Landlords frustrated with their tenants
  • People looking to maximize the return on their property investments
  • Property owners who are concerned about their properties and income.

Todd Curry, Owner of Curry Agency Inc., an independent insurance agent

Todd Curry is the owner of Curry Agency Inc., an independent insurance agency in Fishers, Indiana. He will share his experiences learned in over 14 years in the insurance industry.  Prior to opening his own insurance agency, Todd was a corporate trainer and sales manager for one of the largest insurance companies in the nation.  He opened his agency in order to help educate consumers on their insurance options so they can make the choices that are best for their needs, whether that’s with Curry Agency or another insurance agency.

He can be reached at, on Facebook at or on Twitter at @Curryagencyinc.

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  • BillLuna

    An insurance agent explained to me that one advantage of requiring renter’s insurance is that it makes the tenants and their policy liable if the house is trashed…something not covered in the typical landlord insurance packet.