Teleclass # 62 Kevin Amolsch – Financing Tools

Hard Money

The Savy Investors Financing Tool

You Found the Perfect Deal – Now What?

You don’t want to miss this call with Hard Money extraordinaire Kevin Amolsch.  Listen in if you want to know the secrete to an easier life as a real estate investor.   You will never worry about how to fund a deal if you understand when and how to use hard money.

  • Take the stress out of real estate and put your focus where it should be, finding and closing deals
  • Learn when to use hard money and when not to.
  • Learn some of the biggest pitfalls investors fall into and how to identify them before they happen.

Kevin Amolsch has put together over $45 million in hard and private money deals and has done more than 400 transactions.  He has helped his clients build million dollar networths, create five figure monthly incomes and quit their day jobs to live the life of their dreams.

Who Should Listen:

  • Full or part time real estate investors
  • Mortgage brokers looking for more resources for their clients
  • Realtors who want to help their clients build wealth through real estate
  • Anyone interested in real estate as an investment option

Kevin Amolsch, Founder Pine Financial Group

Kevin Amolsch has been part of over 400 real estate transactions and currently has 30 rentals .  An investor for the past ten years, he has purchased properties from private owners, banks, the government, private lien holders, and wholesalers.  After leaving the military, Kevin began his career in banking and finance when he accepted a position in the loan department at a local Colorado bank.  After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Kevin worked as a Mortgage Bond Analyst for several large firms.

In 2005, Kevin discovered the niche market of real estate finance and subsequently founded Pine Financial Group, Inc, Colorado’s premier hard money lender.  To date, he has raised over $18 million in private equity for real estate deals and completed hundreds of private money transactions.  As part of Pine Financial Group, Kevin has two mortgage funds registered with the SEC with more than sixty private investors.

Kevin is also the Author of, “The 45 Day Investor,” a book dedicated to helping beginning real estate investors buy their first investment in 45 days or less.


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  • Angelarefour

    This teleclass was very helpful. I can use this information to help me scout for hard money lenders.