Teleclass # 61 Jeff Vaughn – Screening for Success

Screening is #1 Key

Jeff will be discussing:

  • How to find a tenant that will obey
  • Discover tenant screening techniques
  • Learn how to flush to the bad tenants
  • Get info on finding winning tenants

Who Should Listen and Why

  • Landlords
  • Investors

Jeff Vaughan, Realtor, Property Manager

Jeff has managed over 150 homes for various owners. In the past 6 years I achieved a 99.53% collection rate, unheard of in this business. I billed $2,500,000 and collected $2,495,000. This was accomplished through systematic conscientious behavior that held at its core a sense of accountability and ownership. At the same time I was able to have an occupancy rate of 98.3%. Some of Jeff’s accomplishments include:

  • President of Ft Wayne Area Realtor
  • Realtor of the Year 1997
  • In my Realtor career I took 459 listing and caused 440 of them to sell. It was typical for me to have years of 100% success in the sale of owner’s properties. I never fell below 88%
  • Customer Service Manager for the 63rd largest real estate company in America and created an entire new department – “Concierge”
  • Rookie of the Year in 1985 had the top sales of all first year Agents at a large firm

Jeff and his wife were deacons to an adult Singles, Divorced, Widow church group that grew from 14 people to 250. They brought “Divorce Recovery Weekend” to Ft Wayne and conducted many weekends over the course of many years affecting thousands of adults. Jeff and his wife have recently celebrated their 40th Anniversary.

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