Teleclass # 51 Jim Ingersoll – Buying Houses Without Banks

Buying houses without banks

Private Lending Secrets… Revealed

Have you found the perfect deal, but then realize your credit has a few dings and dents, you can’t get a loan from the bank to fund it or you don’t have the funds in your savings account? Ask yourself this questions. You’ve heard about private money, but are not sure how you can put it to use in your investment deals. Join us Friday, January 20th as the discussion covers how you can buy houses without the use of banks or mortgage companies. Jim Ingersoll will cover topics such as:

  • Why and how to buy houses with OPM and not with banks
  • Buying houses with no cash and no credit
  • How to generate infinite returns on investment
  • Using “Easy Money” Loans for flips
  • Using Joint Ventures to build a long-term rental portfolio

Who should listen and why

  • Investors who are ready to learn how to buy houses with OPM
  • Everyone who wants to find private lenders
  • All who want to enjoy the perfect investing storm and being to experience the greatest real estate wealth transfer our of generation
  • Investors looking to flip houses or build wealth with rental properties

Jim Ingersoll is the “Go To Real Estate Guy”, he has a Masters in Engineering Management and is an active Real Estate Entrepreneur who has bought and sold hundreds of houses.   He is also the Author of “Investing Now,” soon to be released “Cash Flow Now” and a number of home study courses for real estate investors.
Jim is an active, on the street entrepreneur, who also enjoys speaking and coaching investors from coast to coast.  Jim resides in Richmond, VA.
You can connect with Jim at:

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