Teleclass # 148 Divina Westerfield – Legally Crowdfund Your Next Project

Legally Crowd-fund Your Next Project for Up To $2 Million:

Why Wait for the Final Rules for Federal Crowd-funding? Several States Have BETTER Crowd-fund Rules

Are you tired of waiting more than 2.5 years for the final rules of the Federal Crowd-funding Statute to be issued by the Securities & Exchange Commission? Wait no longer!  Join us for this educational teleclass to learn about crowdfunding!

  • What is Crowdfunding and why is it important?
  • Should a person select the Federal Statute or the State Statute? And why is one better or not for the transaction
  • How to Select a Broker or Portal
  • Protecting Yourself From Investor Litigation or SEC/Securities Division Scrutiny

Who Should Listen and Why

  • small business owners needing capital
  • real estate investors looking for investment capital
  • business coaches advising small business

Divina Westerfield, Esq.
American Crowdfunding Association, Inc.

Divina Westerfield  is the Founder/Manager of 501(c)(3) non-profit American Crowdfunding Association, Inc. She has been a Member of Indiana Bar since 1984, Florida real estate broker since 2004, Florida mortgage loan originator and investor.
Dr. Divina Westerfield initially practiced law for two years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where she represented banking and construction clients such as Citibank, Chase and Hyundai.  She returned stateside to become a lobbyist and counselor with the preeminent political and public relations firm of Black Manafort Stone & Kelly.  Dr. Westerfield transitioned to the corporate law firm of Coates & Davenport with a focus on securities and corporate litigation, and has maintained a focus in litigation, business, securities, and real estate since that time, after starting her own Indiana practice in 1991.  In 2003, Dr. Westerfield moved to Florida to invest in and sell real estate and mortgage notes while still maintaining her law practice.  As Founder of National Note Association, Inc., she taught classes on purchasing mortgage notes and raising private money, and taught approximately 600 attorneys a CLE foreclosure program.

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