Teleclass # 144 Frank McKinney – Make It Big, The Anti-Seminar

Make it BIG Event

The Anti-Seminar

Motivation washes off in the shower, inspiration fades like the effects of a sunburn, but aspiration can alter your DNA and forever change your life and the lives of those you love.  This call will help you learn what legacy you aspire to leave, and be able to do so by building a nice net worth through investing in real estate and overcoming those fears that might be getting in your way

  • How to earn your Masters in Paradoxicology
  • How you make your own market and can also create your own bubble
  • You make you money the day you buy, not the day you sell. How to buy right?
  • How to bring a project in on-time, on-budget and at above average quality
  • The “Grade School Compass Approach to Marketing”
  • How to heighten your potential buyer’s experience that have with their 5 senses to the state of subliminal euphoria

Who Should Listen and Why

  • Anyone who desires to be more effective in life
  • Those wanting to increase their income
  • The dreamer who just does not know where to start
  • Whether you are looking to buy your first home and create instant equity, looking to buy your first investment property, have invested in real estate and are not satisfied with your results, or have had success as an investor yet want to get to the next level, allow me to share my 25 years of real estate experience to show you the way.

Frank McKinney
Best-Selling Author of 5 Books:
The Tap
Burst This! Frank McKinney’s Bubble-Proof Real Estate Strategies
Dead Fred, Flying Lunchboxes, and the Good Luck Circle
Frank McKinney’s Maverick Approach to Real Estate Success
Make it BIG! 49 Secrets for Building a Life of Extreme Success

Meet Frank McKinney: Real Estate Artist, 5-time International Bestselling Author,  super hero meets Robin Hood, Philanthro-Capitalist, Risk-Taker, Ultramarathoner, Actor and Visionary who sees opportunities and creates markets where none existed before.

Upon attending his 4th high school in 4 years (he was asked to leave the first 3), Frank earned his high school diploma with a less-than-stellar 1.8 GPA

Then, at 18, with $50 in his pocket and without the benefit of further education, Frank left his native Indiana for Florida in search of what he refers to as his professional highest calling.

In his first Florida job he earned $180 a week, waking at 4:00am, to dig sand traps by hand on a Deerfield Beach golf course.

On May 19, 1986 Frank McKinney founded his real estate investment company and bought his first $50,000 fixer-upper, selling it a few months later for a $7,000 profit.

Now, 28 years later, McKinney creates real estate markets where others dare to tread. He has built spec homes (homes built without a buyer) valued in the tens of millions of dollars.

A true Renaissance man with a charming flair, he is without peer in the risky world of speculative high-end real estate, shattering price records with each new project.

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