Teleclass # 143 Anthony Chara – Why Buy 1 When You Can Buy 10 or 20

Why Buy 1 When You Can Buy 10 or 20 or more!!!

Learn Why You Should Be Buying Apartments/Multi-Family Properties Now and How You Have Control Over the Value of Your Apartments as Opposed to SFH’s

Why not take the same time, energy and money that you’re putting into buying a one unit property and buy a 10 unit property? A 20 unit property? A 50+ unit property? Anthony Chara made the switch from SFH’s to Multi-Family in 2004 when he received this same advice from one of his mentors.

  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Apartments
  • Differences between Apts. & SFH’s
  • ‘Lingo’ You Need to Know
  • Key Ratios Used in Analyzing Apts.
Who Should Listen and Why
  • Anyone looking to generate more passive income with less work
  • Any investor looking to make the leap from single family homes to apartments

Anthony Chara, Real Estate Investor and Mentor

Anthony Chara is a seasoned Real Estate investor that has successful investing and property management experience dating back to 1993. After 16 years working for a fortune 500 company and traveling extensively it was time for a change.  Mr. Chara gave up his lucrative Area Manager position in which he managed 35 electronic technicians in 7 states and a $3M budget so he could spend less time traveling and more time creating wealth for his family. He started and sold several service oriented companies until turning to Real Estate investing full time in 2001.

Presently, he’s a managing partner of Apartment Mentors LLC and founder of Success Classes, LLC. He has owned or managed several successful multi-million dollar companies during the last 20 years. Mr. Chara owns properties in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada and Oklahoma.

He has mentored over one thousand aspiring RE investors. Mr. Chara also volunteers and supports several worthy charities such as the American Red Cross, Denver Rescue Mission and Habitat for Humanity.
Mr. Chara turned to Apartments full time in 2004 and along with his partner, George Antone, they own or have syndicated approximately 1100 apartment units around the country. These units range from 14 units in Oklahoma to 150 units in Louisiana. Their most recent acquisitions include a 140 unit complex in Jackson, MS (July, 2010) and a 116 unit complex in Wichita (January, 2010) using little to none of their own money.

In 2005, Mr. Chara and Mr. Antone decided to capitalize on recent RE market trends to offer superior technical training to RE Investors specifically targeting commercial investing with an emphasis on Apartment complexes. Mr. Chara and Mr. Antone’s techniques teach people how to become wealthy ‘deliberately’ using Apartments to generate massive cash flow and appreciation.
Having reviewed several other gurus in the marketplace that specialize in Apartments, they set out to design and implement the best quality Apartment Investing training class in the market today. They taught their first class in September, 2006. Now, over 5 years later, based on the testimonials that they have received, they have achieved this goal.

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