Teleclass # 141 Colin Clark – What Makes an Effective Website

What Makes an Effective Website?

Things All Great Websites Have in Common

Have you worked for months with a website design company only to find that the results didn’t meet your expectations? Is your website difficult and expensive to update? Does your website have usability problems on mobile devices or problems across different web browsers? Do you worry about hosting and backups?

     *   Find out why flexible responsive layouts that look great on any device are the way to go.
*   Learn strategies for selecting and working with a professional design firm to obtain maximum
*   Discover the basics of hosting and backup solutions.
*   Learn about content management and how you can have a website that is beautiful, and easy and
inexpensive to own.

Who Should Listen and Why

  • Investors
  • Realtors
  • Title Companies
  • Construction / Re-modelling Companies

Colin Clark is the owner / operator of Tribeswell LLC, the Midwest’s premier boutique website design and development company. He has over a decade’s experience in sales, marketing, and interactive design.

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