Teleclass # 140 Lucy Brenton – Build Business Credit

Building Business Credit 
Why You Should Build Business Credit Separate from You
You’ve started a business and want to be successful but you don’t have a lot of cash to invest in the business.  You want to avoid putting your personal credit on the line whenever possible. What can you do, where can you get the cash from for inventory, marketing, etc…?

  • What is Corporate or Business Credit
  • Why you should start building your business credit immediately
  • What you must do to set yourself up for business credit
  • The biggest mistakes people make when applying for corporate credit
  • How to efficiently apply for multiple lines of credit

Who Should Listen and Why

  • Business Owners
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone needing to establish credit

Lucy Brenton

Lucy Brenton has been a mortgage Broker since 1996 and investing in real estate since 2000. She and her husband Dorn use various techniques to acquire properties.

Lucy’s areas of expertise include personal credit repair, building business and corporate credit, residential and commercial mortgages, hard money lending and real estate investing. She has helped many investors fix the credit of their buyers and tenants so that they
cash out.

Her focus and passion is helping business owners obtain credit for their corporations, separate from their personal life, to help them grow their business and shield personal assets from business liability.

Lucy is the mother of ten children and resides in central Indiana.

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