Teleclass # 137 Jason Kennedy – Out of State Investing

Out of State Investing

The Secrets to Successful Investing Out of State
Have you ever wanted to invest out of state to diversify your portfolio?  The fear of not being able to properly manage the property, lack of market knowledge and many others concerns creep into mind.  In this educational session, we address these concerns.  Join us to learn to decrease you risk by diversifying you portfolio.

Things learned on this call:

  • The Power of Your Power Team
  • How to Get Funding
  • How to manage your teams
  • How to sell quick

Who Should Listen and Why

  • Extremely motivated small business owners
  • Goal oriented retirees
  • Frustrated IRA owners
  • Dizzy Stock market investors
  • Families with college bound children
  • Action taking seasoned professionals looking to expand their financial reach

Jason Kennedy
Co- Director of Lady Landlords of San Diego

An important 3rd of the team, Jason Kennedy holds a Bachelors Degree in Child Psychology as well as a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. He began his career as a High School and College Counselor before getting laid off due to “budget issues”. That was the best thing that could’ve happened to him because it was that event that led him to becoming an Entrepreneur. Jason found Real Estate, or rather Real Estate found him in July 2003. He watched as some of his friends, who were in that industry, making a lot more money than he was and living the lifestyle he wanted and decided “If they can do it, why can’t I?” He started attending Investor Clubs and Seminars, and in the summer of 2003, he invested in an Advanced Training program with a price tag of over $30K. As scary as that was, Jason had decided to make this his full time gig and knew that the key to success was to learn the business from successful investors who had a track record of success.

Since that time, Jason has invested in both Residential and Commercial properties in the following markets: California, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Florida, and Indiana. His areas of expertise include Fix and Flip Retail, Turnkey Rental Flips, Wholesaling, Residual Income Investing, and Large Multifamily Projects. His experience doesn’t stop there, in his past life, he owned a property management firm in Detroit, MI that managed over 500 units!

Co-founder of LLoSD and co-owner of LLoA, its obvious by now, Jason has a way with the ladies! A true gentleman, Jason has been a Trainer, Mentor and professional speaker since 2005. He has trained and worked with the best and along the way helped thousands of aspiring investors all over the world. Jason is a recurring guest on KPRZs 1210 AM entrepreneurial radio show “the START UP” and hosts his own real estate investment talk show on KPRZ 1210AM called “Flip out with JK! (Real Talk; Real Time; Real Returns). An active investor, Jason is also the co-owner of WBRE MGMT ® (Wealth By Real Estate Management, LLC), a Indianapolis based professional real estate investment firm that provides affordable and lucrative real estate backed opportunities ranging from Buy and Hold (passive income) to Lending opportunities on FLIPS.

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