Teleclass # 117 Sean Clapp – Traps To Avoid in Real Estate Transactions

Traps to Avoid in Real Estate Transactions

All transactions, whether business or real estate, expose you to various degrees and types of risk.  Learning strategies to identify and avoid or minimize those risks is essential to a successful deal.  In this presentation, you will learn: ·         How to protect yourself before commencing negotiations ·         How to protect yourself in negotiation ·         How to protect yourself at and after closing Our Speaker, Sean Clapp, Esq. has experienced himself and advised countless clients about  these risks and will help you understand the what you face and strategies for avoiding the risks. You’ve worked hard to build your business and should take steps to protect yourself from these traps. Who Should Listen

  • Real Estate investors
  • Those looking to buy real estate
  • Property Managers
  • Realtors.

Sean M. Clapp, Attorney at Law CLAPP FERRUCCI Sean Clapp is an experienced businessman and attorney. He has practiced over 25 years in real estate and business law with vast experience in both transactions and litigation.  Mr. Clapp formed his own firm in 2000, Clapp Ferrucci, which now has six practicing attorneys in Indiana.  Mr. Clapp has closed hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate and business transactions, and he has argued cases at the Indiana Supreme Court and the federal court of appeals. He is a real estate developer, having built his own office building, and he has owned a mortgage broker company and a real estate broker company.  He has served as a court appointed receiver, mediator, and temporary judge.  Mr. Clapp frequently speaks to bar associations and real estate trade groups.

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