Teleclass # 100 Selina Stoller – Increase Revenue through Expense Reductions Analysis

Increase Revenue through

Expense Reductions Analysis

Profitability and efficiency are at the heart of every organization.

  • Discover ways to save time, money and explore more opportunities
  • Learn ways reduce costs and find more profit
  • Develop a continuous improvement plan wiht systems and procedures
  • Step-by -step plan to reduce expenses

Who Should Listen and Why

  • Business owners
  • Investors needing to increase revenue

Selina Stoller

Selina is a Purdue electrical engineer and has been in the real estate investing industry for over 14 years.  Her experiences range from property management, private lending, rehabbing, distress mortgage negotiations, portfolio building and asset management.  She specializes in expense reduction and developing best practices through processes and procedures.   Today, she focuses on developing and managing portfolios and assisting companies increase revenue by expense reduction and optimizing business practices.

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